Social Media Policy

Sunshine Wood recognises the importance of the Internet and mobile communications technology in shaping public and internal thinking.  We also recognise the value to our staff in joining in and helping shape direction through blogging and interaction in social media. We are committed to supporting rights to interact knowledgeably and socially on the Internet through email, blogging and communication in social media. We are also committed to ensuring that all staff employed by the East Riding are aware of their vulnerability to identify theft and the potential threat to their profile and professional standing by posting inappropriate personal information on the internet via social networking site thus leaving an “electronic footprint”, compromising themselves.

Staff should be aware it is not just a matter of personal safety. What seems frivolous or even trivial to you in a friendship group could damage your reputation when seen by others. For example, pictures taken at parties and posted on a profile can cause embarrassment, or worse, when seen by parents, colleagues and employers. Before you post something, ask yourself what impression someone would get from seeing your web presence? Can this be linked back to my place of work and cause embarrassment or damage by professional role and/ or the setting.

This policy makes it clear to all staff the steps necessary to protect themselves and the Children’s Centre in making appropriate decisions about what content is suitable in blogs, personal and public websites, postings on wiki, video or picture sharing sites and when responding to comments from posts either publicly or via email. 

Please note that this policy applies only to online content that has a direct or indirect connection or link to Sunshine Wood or that may be inferred as being the opinion of the Children’s Centre. The policy does not infringe upon your personal interaction or commentary online unless the contents of such interaction or commentary are seen as a breach of professional trust between you and the setting.

Interaction on the Internet and via mobile communication technology

The Professional expectations of confidentiality regarding the day to day functions, practices and events that happen within the setting do not change when using the internet or mobile communication technology. Staff are expected to speak respectfully about the setting and our current and potential employees, students and partners. Do not engage in ‘name calling’ or behaviour that will reflect negatively on the Children’s Centres reputation. Note that use of unfounded or derogatory statements or misinterpretation is not viewed favourably and may result in formal disciplinary action.

Any online presence should not make reference to the setting for example you are not authorised to utilise your work email address when joining social networking sites.

We recognise that staff are legally liable for anything they write or present online. Staff may be formally disciplined for commentary, content or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libellous, or can create a hostile work environment. You may also become the subject of litigation by colleagues, and any individual or company that views your commentary, content or images as defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libellous or creating a hostile work environment.