Private Hire Notice

Private Exclusive Hire – Sunshine Wood

One family from the same isolated household or bubble per visit.

Hire a 75-minute private session.

Entrance/Exit – video to be sent.  Building side Fire door to access.  Toilet access via front motorized shutter.  Childs Changing station added to the main hall.

Ensuring no contact with any other persons whilst visiting staff member onsite but behind tempered glass.

On arrival – remove shoes and coats and place in the box provided.

Temperature checks and hand sanitizer – self-assessed witnessed by Sunshine Wood staff from behind tempered glass screen.

Play – activities created for families to engage.

Craft – Playdough is only used once and can be taken home.

Refreshments – video to be sent but families can access refreshment area.  Refreshments will be left for their own collection.

Hand Washing – Private kitchen area will be changed into a washing station for use during and prior to leaving Sunshine Wood.

Extra self-sanitising stations added.

Exit – We ask you to wash your hands prior to leaving our facility.

Collect your belongings and exit via the fire door you arrived.