Photography and use of Images Guidelines

To promote the work of Sunshine Wood we wish to use photographs or images of people using or benefiting from our services or taking part in activities arranged by the service.

The aims of this policy are to ensure that processes are clear for the recording and using of images within Sunshine Woods and Local Authority.

Official photographers are defined as anyone employed or commissioned by Sunshine Woods to take photography, including staff. Official photographers should be allowed to take photographs in any location as directed by the manager.

  • Official photographers visiting on site at a Children’s Centre should be accompanied by a member of staff at all times.
  • Any staff members taking photographs must also adhere to the conditions detailed in this policy.
  • Staff taking photography of any kind (including film) should only do so on Sunshine Wood own equipment, and not using their own camera or camera facility on other digital devices (such as mobile phones).


  • Before we can publish any photographs or images, consent must be obtained from either the individual or parent/carer (depending upon the age of the subject). A parent/guardian/carer must sign consent forms for children under the age of 18.
  • Individuals to have the opportunity to say that they do not want either theirs or their child’s photograph taking.
  • At events, where photography may be undertaken in a more generic fashion (of crowd/public scenes for example), measures should be put in place by the manager as a notice explaining that photography is being taken throughout, and to inform staff members if they do not want to be in any photographs (and for this to be noted for the event).
  • By signing the appropriate consent form this gives consent for the setting to use images or photographs to promote or publicise activities and for those images to be stored sunshine Wood. By signing the form, it is also agreeing that we can pass these images or photographs to the local or national media to publicise this service or event. These images will only be used to promote the work of the setting.
  • For the creation of any publicity, marketing, monitoring or other purpose, images are to be supplied by the setting to the relevant Council officer supporting them, and must confirm that the relevant written consent for the photography has been obtained, is securely stored on site, and be accessible if requested.
  • It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that any photographs for which consent has been obtained, that photographs and consent forms are securely stored at the setting, and that these libraries are reviewed accordingly.
  • Photography is not allowed in toilets, changing rooms or bathroom/shower room.


Safeguarding is of great importance to the conditions of this Policy alongside those of the Safeguarding Policies and must be adhered to without exception.

The images will only be used for the following purposes:

  • Electronic/web-based and printed information, posters, flyers, displays and exhibitions relating to the activity shown in the picture or children’s centre general promotion, passed to the local or national media to promote an activity or centre.
  • Any similar campaign or related area.
  • This image will NOT be used for anything which may be viewed as negative in tone or that may cause offence, embarrassment or distress.


Please note, in the unlikely event of taking images of companies/organisations we may work with, the permissions relating to this are different. Please contact Data Protection for more information.

Consent forms and their process

If taking a photograph which includes any individual within Sunshine Wood, the following must be done (whilst adhering to all details in the attached policy):

  • A Consent form is completed by the relevant parent/carer/individual (this should be done at registration where possible and the relevant tick box completed by the parent/carer on the back page of the families registration form).
  • A hard copy of the image/s should be attached to the relevant consent form.
  • Completed consent forms and photographs should be filed securely on site at the setting.
  • All photographs of group sessions will be retained in the group learning journey.