Parental Involvement Policy

Sunshine Wood are delivered with the active involvement of parents /carers and the local community.

The involvement of parents/carers is vital for all children to make progress.  It is especially important where children and their families are experiencing any form of social exclusion and/or vulnerability.

Key elements

Sunshine Wood will reach those in the community who could benefit most from its services in particular those from target groups such as

Young fathers and mothers

Lone parents,

Parents of additional needs children,

Fathers and mothers from ethnic families,

Fathers or mothers with a learning disability

Fathers or mothers with mental health problem,

Fathers or mothers experiencing domestic violence

Fathers or mothers misusing drugs,

Families of offenders

Families in temporary accommodation

 Parents/carers should have access to good quality, easily readable information about the full range of services that might help them as parents at Sunshine Wood.

Parents/carers and children should be highly satisfied with the services they use with us.  They should be consulted about the content of service provision and style of delivery through a parent’s forum or stop and chat sessions.

They should be satisfied the setting is ensuring an effective and efficient use of resources to achieve value for money.

Parents/carers and children should feel their views are actively sought, listened to, valued and swiftly acted upon.  They should be involved in a continuous process of evaluating the services they use in order to improve local service delivery by being invited to participate in a range of evaluation activities at an appropriate level of commitment including focus groups, questionnaires and evaluation forms.

 Parents/carers can be involved in formal and informal roles by becoming an active member of the advisory board, by working alongside professional workers as volunteers, and by providing peer support.