Missing Child Procedure

Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times.

Every care and security precaution has been taken to ensure our children are accounted for at all times at Sunshine Wood.  However, in the unlikely event that it is suspected that a child has gone missing, the following procedure will be immediately conducted by the manager:

  • The Attendance record will be checked and reception informed.
  • A thorough search of the premises or location will be swiftly carried out including: –
  • Office
  • Entrance
  • Toilets
  • Cupboards
  • Outdoor area
  • Main Room area
  • Sensory Snug
  • If the child is still unaccounted for, then a search of the whole centre/location will be conducted.
  • If a thorough search proves unsuccessful in establishing the whereabouts of the child, the emergency services will be contacted. 
  • On arrival of the emergency services, the Centre Leader/parent/carer is responsible for providing all necessary information regarding the missing child, and what action has been taken thus far.
  • An incident report would be completed and procedures reviewed and any appropriate management action taken.
  • A full report will be made to the Senior Management team/Governing body/Advisory Board


All staff and parents/carers will, at all times, make safeguarding their priority. As a result, all security/fobbed doors will be used to best effect (and not propped open for example).

Parents/carers and visitors as well as staff will be expected to adhere to all security procedures such as signing in/out of the setting, and using all security doors appropriately.

Within settings, unless there is childcare provision on site, parents/carers are responsible for and should supervise their child at all times.

Parents/carers must keep the setting informed of any changes to their contact data