Food, Drink and Allergy Guidelines

  • Sunshine Wood cannot currently be guaranteed as a site free from common allergens, as sites are a publicly accessible.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that all infection control safety guidance is adhered to, which will help maintain a hygienic site and minimise the chance of allergens becoming a concern.
  • The majority of centre staff have completed food hygiene training and first aid training.
  • Parents/carers should inform staff if their child has any known allergies, and this can be taken in to consideration for the session being attended, and advice given as to the nature of the session and if it is suitable for those concerned.
  • As parents/carers are responsible for their children whilst at the setting it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent/carer to take the necessary precautions in terms of potential allergic reactions. However, staff support should be sought if necessary.
  • In the event of an emergency, first aid guidelines must be followed by appropriately trained members of staff and the emergency services called if required.
  • Healthy eating should be actively promoted and encouraged across our setting, without exception. Please see centre activity planning for more details.
  • Where food is being prepared with onsite, appropriate risk assessments must have been completed and any necessary safe systems of work adopted prior to the event.