Equal opportunities Policy

Sunshine Wood provide care for SEND children. We follow the SEND codes of practice. We provide full learning for children with additional needs and plan for additional needs weekly through our activities and how they are set out.

As a setting we adapt all the areas for SEN children and ensure that activities which are carried out can meet all the children’s needs in the setting that day. The setting is suitable for both girls and boys and is a range of open-ended resources and toys which both children at any age can play with. Different cultures are reflected within the setting in role play areas, different book backgrounds and a range of multi-cultural dolls/ figures.

No child is discriminated against and all children with different backgrounds are embraced within the setting and put into play to help children learn about different cultures. 

As a setting we will ensure no discrimination occurs against a child or the parent. We will take all aspects into account and make adjustments to meet all the child’s needs while in our care.

As a setting Under the Equality Act we must treat all children the same but follow diversity to ensure all areas are adjustable to meet the needs of each individual child.

If any problems arise please feel free to contact this number:

The Disability Rights Commission Telephone number is 08457 622 633.