Emergency Closure Policy

If Sunshine Wood need to close unexpectedly, there are a number of procedures which will be followed to ensure that all staff and service users are kept safe and advised as best as is possible at the time with regards the closure and impact on services. This should be read in conjunction with the Guidelines for dealing with major emergencies. 


  • The decision to close Sunshine Wood unexpectedly can only be made by a manager or director of Sunshine Wood because a significant danger has been identified by that manager, or if advice has been received from senior management, the Local Authority or Police, with regards a concern that somehow threatens the safety of all those who are using the centre.
  • Individual staff roles in emergency situations are clarified during induction, ongoing staff training and the employee development reviews/supervisions. However, tasks delegated to staff during unexpected circumstances will be done so by the manager in charge at the time. Sunshine Wood has designated First Aiders and Fire Marshalls who will fulfil their roles if and when required.
  • All relevant contact numbers are displayed using the Health and Safety notices.
  • Parents/carers are made aware of what would potentially happen during an emergency closure.
  • In the event of a closure, parents/carers will be telephoned by centre staff members, as directed by the manager.
  • If required, notices should also be left at main entrances of centres explaining the closure to service users arriving at the site that have not been contacted.
  • Any staff working at the time of the incident, but are working off site or visiting clients will be informed by telephone of the emergency centre closure as soon as possible after the incident.
  • All service users will receive a refund for the session if the setting makes the decision to close.