Confidentiality Policy

At Sunshine Wood the most important aspect is keeping the child and their families safe. To do this keeping all personal and sensitive information confidential is key.

All information the setting has on each child will be kept in a locked filing cabinet or on a laptop which is password protected. Staff will only speak about children using the setting to the manager and if the child is believed to be in harm or danger this will be divulged for safeguarding reasons. This is further explained in the safeguarding policy.

In the event of an emergency or medical issue it may be necessary to share sensitive information but the parents will be told during this time for the safety of the child.

Setting information will also be stored on the setting laptop. These are all password protected and only staff needing the password and use will have access to this.

Any accidents are logged, signed by staff and parent and in serious accident/ injuries the settings public liability insurance may need to be contacted. Professionals will speak to parents/careers before this happens so no confidentiality is broken.

At Sunshine Wood the staff will not have their personal phones on them within the play rooms, this is for safety reasons to ensure no staff are put into a vulnerable position. 

If parents using the setting wish for their child to be put on the social media pages faces can be covered and names will not be used.

No personal details are ever passed on when collecting data about the Centre.