Compliments and Complaints Policy

The Children Act (1989) states that there must be in place a compliments and complaints procedure followed where a parent has a complaint about the service.

Sunshine Wood aim to provide a quality responsive service to children and families, and will fully and promptly investigate any complaint or allegation.  We would always endeavour to deal with any complaint or issue sensitively and professionally.

Both constructive positive and negative feedback is always welcome from all service users as this will aid staff in ensuring that the service being delivered is meeting the needs of families and children. Such feedback will also help to shape future planning of service delivery, improving the service we provide.

To make a complaint, in the first Instance:

If you have any issue or complaint about Sunshine Wood call the manager or speak to them in person while you are still at the setting.

  • We will endeavour to resolve any complaint (verbal or in writing) as soon as possible.
  • Your complaint will be acknowledged, usually within 10 working days, or a time scale will be agreed.  You will be kept informed on the progress, either verbally or in writing.
  • Any issue or complaint which remains unresolved after speaking to the manager should be taken to the director of the company Sarah Prudhoe.
  • Sunshine Wood complaints procedure will then be followed.

For a serious or unresolved complaint or allegation:

  • A detailed written factual report will be taken of the complaint / allegation and Sunshine Wood complaints procedure will be followed.
  • If the allegation is against a member of staff or a volunteer

and involves safeguarding children issues, then please refer to the Safeguarding Policy.

  • If the allegation is against a member of staff or a volunteer this will be investigated in line with the appropriate Sunshine wood policies and procedures.