Child Behaviour Policy

At Sunshine Wood we aim to encourage the children to value and respect the resources which we have and the setting we offer. Staff will encourage the children to use all resources correctly and when not being used to the correct use will be explained to that this may not be the best way to use Sunshine Wood’s toys.

Staff set a vital example in their relationships and manner for children and adults to imitate.  They should show kindness, humour, patience, fairness and consistency and respect for each child.

Staff aim to be positive and recognise that praise and reward are much more effective in managing behaviour.  They can increase the family’s sense of responsibility and consideration by positive remarks about everyday acts of consideration.  They regularly encourage everyone to talk, listen, share and take turns, and regularly discuss different ways of enhancing self-esteem.  Our regular parental contact ensures parents are aware of the standards we are trying to set.  Fairness and consistency are vital.

Positive Behaviour

All parents, carers, staff and volunteers in Sunshine Wood should:

  • Provide a positive role model for the children with regard to friendliness, care and courtesy.
  • Praise and encourage positive behaviour such as kindness, willingness to share etc.
  • Respect difference. Children should be treated fairly regardless of race, religion or abilities.  This applies no matter what they think or say; what type of family they come from, what language(s) they speak; what their parents do; whether they are girls or boys; whether they have a disability or whether they are rich or poor.


At Sunshine Wood we understand that all children will go through
 biting stages however, parents do find it embarrassing and upsetting.

If your child is bitten while using Sunshine wood setting, they will be checked over by one of our first aiders on site.

They will be checking to make sure the bite has not broken the skin. If no skin is broken this will be a matter dealt with between the parents using the centre.

If the skin is broken the first aider should give professional advice to seek medical attention due to spread of infections.

If a child is bitten within the setting the manger should be notified straight away and the accident book will be filled in by a member of staff.