Breastfeeding policy

Sunshine Wood recognise breastfeeding as the optimum means of infant feeding however, women who choose to bottle feed their babies will be equally supported in line with our fully inclusive practice policy.

Sunshine Wood have a duty and responsibility to demonstrate active support, through its policies and staff training practices as well as informing mothers who wish to breastfeed of their support.


  1. Sunshine Wood acknowledges and supports the rights of women to breastfeed their children in all public areas of their premises. If the mother is happy to feed her baby in a public area, then she should be made to feel comfortable to continue.  A chair can be offered for her comfort and convenience.
  2. If a mother wishes to feed her baby in private, our staff should advise her of the facilities available (Mother and baby room, office etc). If a mother chooses not to avail herself of the facilities, which have been offered to her, her right to do so must be respected.
  3. Ladies toilets are not acceptable as a private space to breastfeed and should not be offered as they do not offer a hygienic environment.
  4. The sensitivity of personal opinions of staff must be acknowledged but should not be allowed to deter women from breastfeeding. Staff will be made aware of the policy and have it explained to them before it is widely publicised to service users.
  5. The Equal Opportunities Commission has stated that, while no complaint has been formally pursued, preventing a woman from breastfeeding could constitute discrimination under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.


Complaints from other Customers

  1. If a member of the public objects to a mother breastfeeding, then it is in our policy to move the complainant rather than the mother herself, to an area where they will no longer be able to ‘view’ the mother.
  2. The complainant should also be informed that this is part of our policy. However, the we may also like to re-iterate that it is their policy to meet the needs of all their customers/users and make their visit as pleasant as possible.